His voice goes high and low, he knew exactly how to manage his speech in front hundreds of people. That is E.E. Mangindaan, the Minister of Transportation. He was the spokesman on International Remembrance Day for the Victims of Road Accidents held in Jakarta last Friday (18/11).

“I was shocked and touched to see that road accidents video” said the politician from the Democrat Party in such a sad tone.

And he said a prayer “Dear God, please give us strength to prevent more traffic accidents. There are enough accidents happened lately. I hope we won’t be involved in an accident and I hope that we shared a mutual understanding of road safety”.

Those prayers and sadness are insufficient. Real action is required. The government as the most responsible party of road safety should act immediately using its power which funded from people’s money through tax. There must be a sufficient amount taken from National Budget (APBN) to overcome the road safety problems in Indonesia. “Government and mass media has given small amount of attention for road accidents compared to airplane accidents” said the narrator of the video which aired before the Minister speech.

On 2010 there are 86 victims of road accidents died in vain while total dead victims reached 31.234 person last year.

The Minister suddenly speaks “Now is not the time to seek for someone’s mistake, now it’s time to act. The five pillars must be implemented. I want to be serious on road safety matters”.

The Minister also said that road accident should have been prevented. He sarcastically mentioned the vehicle owners “Does your vehicle met the safety standards? Lots of intrigue happened between vehicle investigator and vehicle owners. Such false activity should be taken into account for punishment”.

Rio Octaviano, head of Road Safety Association (RSA) a non-profit organization advocating road safety speaks in front of the Minister after his speech. “Please open a forum with the people Sir..! Lots of things you need to know” said Rio who squeezed by adjutants and officers of The Ministry of Transportation.

While Rio tried to emphasize the importance of a dialogue from grass root, the Minister only said “Let’s arrange the time, I have another importance”.

From the tweets threw by Edo Rusyanto during the event, @oyodika asked the Minister to prove and implement the five pillars of road safety. “Please prove your words Sir”, said @oyodika.

These ceremonial events was closed by discharged of 86 white balloons by the Minister, Vice Minister and several Officers, includes those from National Police. In front of the Ministerial officers the Road Safety dance was demonstrated by the teenagers.

“Check your left and right side before crossing the road” said those teenagers who dressed in white.

So, let’s implement the road safety program and start with a real action. Stay focus and overcome the obstacles. Agree?

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