A Story about road crash victim.

Disappointed the case of his son’s death was never investigated thoroughly, a citizen of Malang in East Java Police Headquarters came on foot. The arrival of Indra Azwan (51) to the Police is to restore the ‘envelope bribes’ containing money worth Rp 2.5 million.

Indra Azwan went on foot from his home in the West Watu Genuk Street Gang II No. 95 Malang on Saturday (02.18.2012) at 09.00 am. He had just arrived in Surabaya on Monday (2/20/2012) morning, then went straight to East Java Police Headquarters in Jalan Ahmad Yani Gen.

“I do not need an envelope lying,” said Indra Azwan House Intel / Watchful East Java Police.

‘The envelope bribes’ time was given Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Indra Pratiknyo to the East Java Police on May 1, 2010 last. At that time Indra’s demands probe hit and run case that happened to her son Rifki Andika (12) involving members of the Police Commissioner Lt Gen Ricardo S Sumantri in Jalan Parman Malang in 1993.

Instead investigated thoroughly, the case of his son’s death is even more untouchable. In fact, Indra had been pitted and meet with Yudhoyono at the State Palace in Jakarta last August 10, 2010.

“Meet the President was not a guarantee,” he said vehemently.

Efforts to meet Indra Azwan East Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Hadiatmoko apparently can not be realized. When Indra tried to contact any cellular phone, was never answered by the police chief of East Java.

“Well if that Pak police chief did not want to see me, I just want to restore the contents of the envelope lies USD 2.5 million of this money,” he said.

Indra took out an envelope containing money worth Rp 2.5 million. He handed the money on the table House Alert.

“It’s not money I want,” said Indra as he left, walking back out of the East Java Police.

To detiksurabaya.com, Indra Azwan went on foot admitted to Jakarta will continue through pantura. Not just arrived in Jakarta, Indra has even set up a passport and visa for him to walk to Palembang, Dumai, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, Riyadh, to get to Mecca.

According to Indra, all institutions ranging from police until the President could not realize that he wants justice. The end goal is Mecca to devote his disappointment over 19 years of seeking justice.

Only by carrying a backpack, Indra who wore shirts and pants desperate doreng this will make the long journey to Mecca. He only brought clothes and some important papers, including passports and visas.

He is also a poster on her draping that reads “President SBY, I Do Not Need Envelopes, I Do not Need Promises, Just One, JUSTICE Death Rates For 19 Years Fighting Son Lives’.


To all our fellow NGO’s, need you to forward this news to others.

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