See our new infographic – a spotlight on youth statistics in road safety

See our new infographic - a spotlight on youth statistics in road safety

There is so much data out there on a range of risk factors, death rates and influencing variables when it comes to road safety. From the difference between low and middle-income countries to high-income countries, regional differences to modes of transport. All of this data can be quite confusing, especially for data on youth. That’s why we have done the work to segment data from the global statistics and draw a spotlight on youth statistics on death rates facing 15-29-year-olds.

We have put the information together in a range of interactive graphs and maps so as you can get a clearer picture of how road traffic crashes affect young people.

Our new infographic highlights the urgent action needed for road safety with a particular focus on young people aged 15-29. Road traffic crashes remain the biggest cause of death for young people with over 350,000 deaths annually. The data illustrated in the infographic focuses on a number of factors including location and gender.



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